Reliable and Professional Electrical Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services and work extensively with domestic, commercial and industrial clients. No matter how small the job, we'll turn up. Our service area includes the Gatton, Toowoomba, Ipswich and Somerset Areas

Emergency Callouts and After Hour Services

Breakdowns can happen at any hour and can put an immediate stop to your entire operation. Call 0403 488 499 for emergency services or after-hours electrical repairs.
Professional doing the repair work

Rural Services

We specialise in rural electrical services and can find you solutions to keep your property running smoothly with power and lighting.

General Electrical Work and Wiring

With 25 years of experience, we offer professional electrical work of all types including system design, wiring and repairs. 

Power and Lighting Design

We can assess your space and design a system that meets your need for capacity, intensity and energy efficiency of your power and lighting. 

Underground Services

With all of the equipment and technical expertise necessary, we are one of the few licensed electricians in the Lokyer Valley that can perform high quality underground electrical wiring and repairs. 

Shed Wiring

We can help you transform your shed into a more usable space, such as an extra bedroom, a workspace or a garage by wiring power and lighting into it. 

Industrial Electrical Works

Our company has the capacity and ability to take on large industrial works, and carry them out quickly. We carry Clipsal Switchgear products; the most trusted brand for accessories in industrial electric systems. 

Commercial Electrical Works

We often work with commercial clients to install lighting, repair power systems and keep your business running smoothly. 

Domestic Electrical Works

We also work on homes of all sizes and can set up a full electrical system, repair any electrical issues in residential buildings, and upgrade your power to a more energy efficient system.
Book a service today. Call 0403 488 499 to speak with an experienced and reliable electrician.
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